Bad news for talansky


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Mar 2, 2016
Unfortunately, an American group of riders faced hardships and challenges recently in Paris-Nice.

One of their best riders, Andrew Talansky, was forced to leave Paris-Nice due to his crash on a descent while he was riding in the breakaway.

They surely did not expect that, a bad time for the team indeed.
A couple of pictures were taken that day:

That is a picture of Andrew Talansky
Worse news was how he was riding before his crash. Very glad he is OK, but he was bleeding time like crazy.
It is a bad news but we don't need to worry about it. He is on the way to full recovery as artyarson said. He will come back very soon. :)
I'm not his fan, but I truly hope he will recovery as fast as possible. It is always good to have a decent rider like him doing what he does best.
I hope he will make his full recovery very soon. He's kind of a decent rider.
Most of the people lose the motivation to ride the bike after these kinds of incidents but he is a real inspiration for those people. We should learn from him. It may take a lot of time but he will definitely return after the complete recovery. I will wait for the news and updates.
Well, accidents are like that, unexpected, really. Only We have to hope for the quick recovery of A. Talansky. He is a pretty good rider, but even the best of us have to deal with some rough times.
Well it is never good news to see a rider go out due to a crash, but it is just par for the course and the nature of the business, so you really cannot be too surprised. I hope that he is able to make a speedy recovery and get back out there doing what he loves. I am sure he will bounce back and we will see him again soon.
He will surely return after some time. Unlike other members, he has not lost his motivation. I will never want any other rider to face the same problem. It is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen with an individual rider.