Badwater Ultrmarathon for the Challenged Athletes' Foundation

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    Hey everyone,

    I was the lucky recipient of one of the 90 slots given out for the
    Badwater Ultramarathon this year on July 24th. The race runs 135 miles
    from Death Valley to Mount Whitney Portal. It should be quite the

    Each year I use my most challenging event to raise money for the
    Challenged Athletes' Foundation; a not-for-profit that provides funding
    to assist physically challenged athletes' with adaptive sports
    equipment and training. To date, I have raised over $350,000 for the

    With the event covering 135 miles (or 712,800 feet), over the course of
    the event, I will take roughly 237,000 steps. To raise money this
    year, I am asking folks to sponsor a single step for the princely sum
    of $1.00. I figure if I can get 237,000 people to send me a dollar,
    the CAF will be quite happy. If you would like to send more ($2.00,
    $5.00) that's wonderful, but I'm only asking for $1.00.

    Everyone who donates will get their name posted on my event website
    ( If you can help out by donating a single
    dollar (or change equivalent), please visit my website
    ( and click on the "support a step" link. Or
    go to eBay and type in "steps Badwater" and purchase them there. You
    can either mail a buck to me or send it via paypal (details are on my

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the support!