Bafang BBS 01 - Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT


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Sep 26, 2007
I decided after lots of research to convert my Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT over to e-assist by installing a Bafang BBS01 which has been ordered from Paul at EM3EV. The Bafang BBS01 is a mid-drive or crank drive electric motor. With this process now under way I thought I would document my experiences with the conversion here for those interested or who may be interested in going down this path. So the first of the bits and pieces have arrived today. Really impressed with the service from JensonUSA with four days delivery from the good ol' USA to my door here in Western Australia. The conversion is not just about adding e-assist to the bike but also about getting it back into "commute" mode (a lot of bits and pieces where taken off for my LoGo P-38). In the box was ...
K-Edge Gopro Pro Handlebar Mount for mounting my GoPro up front. A requirement for riding around here. :( Also makes it easy for me to swap my camera between my two main bikes.
A pair of SKS Slidecage Bottle Cages. These allow for the side mounting of the cage which makes accessing the water bottle much easier on the recumbent.
Ergon GP1 Performance Comfort Grips. These are so comfortable, both my recumbents have got them now and I will add them to my mountain bike in the future. Cannot recommend them enough. Regards Andrew
Progress is slowly occurring. I now have the Bafang BBS01 36v 350W motor and all the other bits and pieces I wanted for the conversion (e.g., rack) bar the battery. The battery was coming via FedEx in a separate parcel and FedEx flew it into Perth where I am and then promptly sent it over to the other-side of the country. Hopefully it will turn up next week.
More photos at Google+ Photos if interested. Regards Andrew