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So I get up this morning and get ready to go to the MTB race in Cool/Auburn. I get everything
together and start packing it into the car. Pack up my bike onto the roof-rack... then I remember
that I had forgotten to put on the fender. Hmm. Ok, I have plenty of time.

I get the bike down and bring it back inside. After fooling with the front fender for a few minutes
I get it on and get ready to pack up the bike again.

Just to make sure, I go over everything one final time... I had already tuned and lubed everything
the night before but just to double check... Everythings cleaned and lubed; tire pressure is good;
cranks spin smooth; headset is perfect; jump on the bike a few times to test suspension PSI.....
scrape, scrape, scrape... WTF!??

On closer inspection, the rear pivot bearing seal is completely shot. Seal is gone, bearings are not
all there, pin is off center. F*CKING F*CK!

LBS doesn't open until noon. Race meeting is 10am. Drive is 2.5 hours to get there. I had planned on
being out the door by 7am.

Now, I've been working on the spare bike Erin rides, getting it in condition to be used as a spare
race bike and have recently bought a new
XT/XTR brake system for it to replace the **** that's on there right now, which just needs to be
trashed. (They work for just a quick ride at the local lake but they would never hold up to the
abuse they would take with heavy use in mud and rain at the race.) I had planned on doing just
that, yesterday. However... after getting my new trials bike I had only one thing on my mind
(playing with it!) and so, never got around to those brakes.

So, I don't have a spare bike to race on today. Well... I guess I can start putting those brakes on
now... *Sigh*


Not open for further replies.