Bars, anodizing, cracking, and failures. [was: San Diego cycle crash]


Michael Press

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> So my (gulp) 20 year old Cinelli Campione del Mundo's (no grooves) are
> a bad idea? I live in Victoria, 500 metres from the ocean, (last 14
> years anyway), ride 2 times a week average, store the bike inside, have
> never noticed any corrosion when changing tape, nor seen a similar bar
> break, though I've had similar vintage stems crack. Maybe they are
> heavier or have a better coating?

I have some 20 year old Cinelli Campione del Mundo bars
with grooves at the stem clamp. Crashed on both sides. Now
what? Decisions, decisions. I know. A new bicycle!

> And I thought anodizing actually increased the incidence and severity
> of cracking?

Thick anodizing will greatly increase the severity of a
crack at areas of stress. Thin anodizing less so.


Michael Press

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