Basel to Freiberg along the Rhine

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  1. Dan Leung

    Dan Leung Guest

    I will be in Basel Mar 21-23. If weather permitting, I would like to bike from Basel to
    Freiberg(Germany) along the Rhine. I need info on where to rent a bike and the bike path in that
    area? Any pointer or advice, TIA.


  2. Velonut

    Velonut Guest

    IRT renting a bike in Europe

    In 2001 I rode all over Germany & Austria. I decided to leave my Specialized road bike at home and
    bought a used mountain bike at a bike shop in Stuttgart for $150. That included an overhaul and
    thorough safety inspection.

    One of the best decisions I ever made. I rode that bike along the Danube between Passau & Vienna and
    back, Then rode from Stuttgart to the Rhine, down river towards Muenster, then across Germany
    90along the Mittelland canal) to Berlin. From there it was on to the Polish border then south along
    the Oder/neisse and into Dresden.

    Then it was down the Elbe to Magdeburg and by train to Hanover. Rode from Hanover to Goettingen and
    then trained to Frankfurt. Fully loaded everywhere.

    That bike was (is) made like a tank. I suffered only one broken spoke. I brought it back to the US
    and gave it to my son. BTW, in anticipation of buying a bike, I took my pannier racks along and
    installed them on the used German bike.

    Everything worked & I had a great time. Very glad I did not have to worry about my road bike.

    The lesson is - after you get there, go to a good bike shop and buy a used bike.

    IRT cycling from Basel to Freiburg, I saw a bike path everywhere I went along the Rhine. if not
    right on the river, it will be away from it a bit. Cycling the Rhine is very popular.


    Regards from the Velo Nut

    Dale V Lally Jr W0OWF Pompano Beach FL [email protected]
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