Basso Admits to Attempting To Dope...

BeardedMonk said:

The real champions here are the press, who managed not to laugh him out of the conference. That would have taken some heroics.
I suspected he was involved but like to give people the benefit of the doubt until there is proof. Amazing. I find the last line of the VeloNews article to be the most interesting:

[size=-1]"I believe Basso not only showed he is a great cycling champion but also someone who knows how to take responsibility. Congratulations."

Yes he has courage, but only in the face of despair. If he were a great champion he would not be involved with doping in any regards in the first place. And if he truly had courage he would have stepped up to the plate as soon as the evidence came to light.

As a side note, this is very sad. I remember a Cycle Sport article years ago when Basso was a young professional and he was pictured in an article that focused on that year's world championships. He was not well known, but recognized at the top-level, and his name was mentioned and I was curious about him. It is sad to see how his career has progressed when he has so much natural talent - at least I hope all his talent has been "natural" :cool:.

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