Basso: 'I have had no contact from any judge, investigator, the UCI'


h squared

Robert Chung wrote:

> h squared wrote:
>>no, i meant watching the tour makes me depressed, not the world cup :)

> You know, I wondered how I'd feel in watching but when I flipped on the TV
> yesterday afternoon it seemed pretty normal. Of course, the early flat
> stages are interesting for completely different reasons than, say, the
> stages in the second and third weeks.

my bf still watches, so it's on when i'm around, and you're right, it
seems pretty normal so far.

i don't think i'm depressed because the tour isn't going to be as good
as i was expecting. i think i'm just unwilling to get involved with any
more bike racers. (if i'm going to enjoy something like the tour, i need
to pay attention to the people i think may win it and learn something
about them. i need to care. else it's like watching chess- then one
isn't interested in the pieces, more the game itself and i have never
been a big fan of watching chess. i don't have the brains for tactics- i
need human interest even if i hate those stupid human interest stories.)

it was ok when someone could be booted for doping, unpleasant but i
could deal with it. but now they can be booted for being under
investigation of doping. maybe they'll deserve it in the end, i dunno,
but every time i watch it's like this little annoying ***** in the the
back of my mind, and i can't care who does well anymore, when at any
minute they could be thrown out for being under investigation. i want to
care but i can't, it's just too painful. what can i say, i'm overly


Alex Rodriguez

In article <[email protected]>,
[email protected] says...
>Listen to the riders. Basso DIDN'T say:
>"I absolutely did not cheat; nor have I ever cheated."
>He said: "No one ever called me to accuse me."
>They've got very strong, incontestable evidence. They've got blood
>bags labeled "Jan" and with the name of Basso's dog. (clever coding).

How unique is Basso's dog name? If this is heard before a jury, it would
take a very poor defense lawyer to lose a case based solely on a name
on a bag.

>That blood has lymphocytes. Those lymphocytes have DNA.
>The DNA will tell the story. Almost certainly, the DNA has already
>told the story.
>Which is why there is no outraged denials on the part of the suspended

If they have DNA results, why bother with dog names in the press? Pretty

Curtis L. Russell

On Wed, 05 Jul 2006 13:53:20 -0400, Alex Rodriguez <[email protected]>

>If they have DNA results, why bother with dog names in the press? Pretty

Unless they have releases permitting the use of previously collected
blood or other samples for the purpose of DNA matching, it is unlikely
they have matched on the basis of DNA yet. Since Ullrich's effective
refusal so far seems to be a discussion topic, it would appear that
such permission was not given prior to the Fuentes case and at least
some have not done so since.

Curtis L. Russell
Odenton, MD (USA)
Just someone on two wheels...

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