Beach rider looking to keep her bike.


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Sep 16, 2003
It’ll take maybe 30 seconds to nibble your way through one of those with an easily concealed hand-sized plier. One snap if you’re using something forearm-sized.
Don’t want to carry, buy one with a holder that bolts to your bike.
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Jun 21, 2018
Hi all. I need a simple lock but I don't want those super heavy deals. I want a small lock just to keep the honest people honest. Can someone just snap these though?
There are so many locks, it's hard to advise you. I had a cable with a lock that uses a weird key. It doesn't have in and out bits; it's flat with specially shaped grooves in the sides. The lock became jammed (we use it on a golf car) and I had no choice but to cut the cable. It took me about 90 seconds with an ordinary pair of side cutters. That cable was plastic coated and almost a half-inch thick.

I ride around our county and occasionally stop for coffee. First of all I try to park it where I can see it from inside, so I can go out there if someone messes with it. I use a 'U' lock that fits snugly around the back wheel of my fat bike. 'U' locks come in different sizes. So the 'U' lock won't let someone ride off with the bike. I also use a cable attached to the 'U' lock and wrapped around a post. Even this won't stop a determined thief. All he'd need is something to cut the cable, and a pickup truck to throw the bike in and drive off.

I would favor the 'U' lock for a beach bike, and then clamp it around your seat tube and a sign post; they come with a mounting bracket that attaches to your bike frame. Even with that, some thieves carry a battery grinder that will cut through any kind of locking device. It's also helpful to use a cable to lock your front wheel to the frame. Some thieves will steal just your wheels.

Getting back to your original post, you said you want it to keep honest people honest. Just about any lock would do in that case, but I'd still get the thickest cable you can get.
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