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    unicycle6869 wrote:
    > John,
    > Why does it say I'm Forbidden when I try clicking on the photo above?
    > It says this exactly:
    > Forbidden
    > You don't have permission to access /cccp/pix/elephball.jpg on this
    > server.

    You must have done something bad. :p

    Otherwise, I'm not sure. It's another symptom of the non-functioning
    cgi-script that's supposed to display some of the photos linked from my
    homepage. I was going to post that picture inline, but I was editing
    the post after-the-fact, where the "button" to do that is not present
    and I couldn't remember the code. So I attached it to this one.

    Thanks Olarf for the bicycling bear photo. It looks like that bear is
    definitely riding a bike, which I can't remember for sure if I've ever
    seen or not. And it's a tall bike too!

    |Filename: elephball.jpg |
    |Download: |


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    In my circus days we always used to have so much fun with the

    And hey... I just ran an article that contains the words unicycle and


    leo vandewoestijne
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    '' (

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    '' (!*
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    leo wrote:
    > In my circus days we always used to have so much fun with the
    > elephants.
    > And hey... I just ran an article that contains the words unicycle and
    > elephant:

    Here is the article:

    Final score

    The Diary Reports

    The Diary is continually amazed that some partners find time for fee
    earning in between essential lawyerly pursuits such as riding up Machu
    Picchu on a unicycle or parachuting out of planes dressed as Elvis.

    Take horse-whispering Reid Minty senior partner Andrew Reid, for
    instance, who recently notched up his 150th win as a flat racing

    Or Walker Morris IP lawyer and elephant polo king Warren Little, who
    helped his Ireland teammates carry off the junior prize at the World
    Elephant Polo Championship in Nepal late last year.

    However, Clifford Chance risk assessment tsar Chris Andrews ( pictured
    below) gets The Diary’s vote as the legal profession’s sports
    personality of the year, for his frankly unbelievable feat of rowing
    across the Atlantic Ocean with partner-in-brine Clint Evans.

    The duo rowed in two-hour shifts for 51 days to complete the 3,000-mile
    course in aid of the Parkinson’s Disease Society, finishing fourth in a
    race that also featured Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell.

    Impressive stuff. However, if you can do better, contact The Diary at
    the usual address.

    Author: The Diarist
    Source: Legal Week
    Start Date: 02/02/2006
    End Date: 09/02/2006


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