Bearing Grease



What type of grease must be used for general use on bike bearings. I hear there is a special bycycle grease or can one use a normal Multipurpose grease. I also assume that "bearing grease" (black stuf that looks as it has graphite or molydenum should not be used) can I use copper grease to grease the saddle post. This must be done once in six months to stop the aluminium from "freezing" to the frame. Any help would be appreciated.

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!!

Big H
I think you're OK with moly grease in most applications.
Occasionally I play about with teflon based stuff, which is great, but too heavy going on pawls & springs etc.

For dissimilar material isolation, search for 'Tef-gel'.
Amazingly expensive, but top shelf results all the same.
We use it in the marine trade, it's available from certain marine suppliers.

I phoned one of the large lube suppliers today. He advised against Moly Grease. He reckons the suspended moly might not be good for the bearings taking a lot of strain at fairly low speeds (does not sound right) and working in rather aggressive environments. He reckons normal Multipurpose grease should do the job. Do not buy a expensive grese gun but use an inexpensive diposable syringe that you buy form the chemist. Works very well.

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big H