Beau the Biker and his quest to finish the Pacific Coast Bike Route


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Oct 10, 2011
Hi Guys!

We are holding a contest throughout this week. Our everyday athlete Beau will be riding along the Pacific Coast Bike Route.

Quote: 480 miles! In 6 grueling days!
Getting to the finish line just takes a man, his bike, an iron will, and a boost of energy only Tbolt can infuse.
Our man: Beau, TBolt's everyday athlete.
His job: Navigate urban mazes, tricky foothills, strawberry fields and sunset-colored tracks along the Pacific Coast Bike Route then log the time he reaches a milestone each afternoon.
His strategy: Brute force, iron will, pints of TBolt E Drive.
Our team: You!
Your job: Win exciting daily prizes!
Your strategy: Follow Beau's progress on Facebook and Twitter. Predict the exact time he reaches a daily milestone each morning and find out if you made the right guess by checking Beau's log later in the day.
What's at stake: pride and glory, and prizes!

Be sure to make a guess on our Facebook Fanpage and follow us on Twitter.