bebops not for me?


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Sep 27, 2003
My speedplay frogs have been pissing me off.
First the little nose piece on one clip vanished Making it so you can pull out easily. They were only about 3 months old. I break down and buy some new cleats all seems fine the ride how, but on the ride to work next morning the same thing happens. Well it feels like it. But the piece is still there. I put a piece of plastic behind it and it was ok but a bit tight I halved the thickness and it is ok.
I had heard good to great things about bebop petals and I had some money from selling parts and a local shop has them. So I buy them put them on my bike and put a cleat on my shoe. I have to carve some rubber but it works,
I put the shoe on the petal and play around but I see I can rotate my heel inward and get out. This was a problem with the regular speedplay’s as my heals point inwards a fair amount. Plus my shoe rubs the crank and I was really thinking about a petal extension as it was.
Plus I would be walking on the cleat and that would be a problem. It was one reason I changed over from the regular speedplay’s to the frog and a mb shoe.
It is so easy to get out of the speedplay petals I am also afraid I would get stuck and fall with the bebops. You tend to get lazy if you can just turn a bit and pull.