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    Hi i live in calgary my friend is trying to buy a uni and wants to know
    whats the best but fairly cheap unicycle from bedford unicycles
    'BedFords website' ( its not up to date but
    what do you think would be the best but remember nothing over 1000
    dollars lol

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  2. Dave

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    My KH20 freestyle cost $320 (incl freight).

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    Hey souleater12, you or your friend should either email or phone Darren.
    He can tell you exactly what he's got, and what it costs. In my opinion,
    (for what it's worth), your friend probably doesn't need a KH model to
    start with, a stock Bedford model would be more than adequate. But, if
    you've got $1000 to spend...:D

    Oh ya, Darren responds to emails in a timely manner. (Doesn't that sound
    professional.) And don't forget to order some Bedford t-shirts.

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    You need to provide much more info about your friend first. There are
    many different types of unicycles, so it depends on his tastes.

    Has your friend ever unicycled before? If not, just get a basic
    If he is into freestyle, street/trials, or muni, he should get a
    freestyle, street/trials, or muni. And the size of wheel depends on how
    much travelling he wants to do versus how much technical riding (bigger
    for travelling, smaller for tech).

    It all depends on him, so let us know.

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  7. souleater12

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