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    Guest Guest someone say beer.......where!! ;D beer is nice. Couldnt stand it till i hit 18 and then i really acquired a taste for it, give me a corona a lemon and im happy as larry! Or a good old Toohey Extra Dry! A fine Aussie drop!
    But then again red wine is nice too! And good for the blood, and that can only be good for cuclists right! ;)

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    I guess that's why roadies are so fit and mountain bikers are so - NOT! lol (just kidding).

    gimme anything darker than BUDWEISER (yucky) - and I'm loving life!
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    So your saying mountain bikers have more fun huh? ;) I've never had a Bud.....I guess we can buy them here, might have a look tonight ;D need to carbo load for a race tomorrow 8)
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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Oi, I can see the headlines for tomorrows papers already:

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    Don't get to embibe, too much. But, I have a fancy for Samuel Adams when I am feeling frisky. I usually like honey wheat, or darker beers.

    Occasionally, I get a wierd craving for Carlsberg.

    But, mostly, get me a glass of good wine and a kick a$% meal! That is my weakness.
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    I'm a fan of Mexican Beers. Negro Modelo, when in the mood for a dark beer and Corona other times. But, if I really want a drink it's bourbon and Maker's Mark (Kentucky Small batch) is the choice.

    Just can't seem to drink as much and be productive the next day as I could when in College. Hhmmmm...wonder why not? :-/ :-/ :-/
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    Jan 24, 2002
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    I pretty much steer clear of booze - apart from several liqueurs mmmmm.

    I make one exception for beer - Guinness and only in Ireland - it really is different! Bitter and difficult to drink outside of Ireland but smooth and creamy in the land of leperchauns....