Before I die...

Old timer, you sure that's the right link? It won't load.

VO2: The MAtrix will be one action movie that will be hard to match. Can't wait to see the Matrix 2.
I'm not sure where to post this, as it's a little off-topic, but here goes.
Some weeks back I was in a small country town, way outback of NSW, waiting to load the semi with wool bales. No bike, too hot to sleep, I found one shop and a closed local museum. An enquiry at the shop brought out an elderly lady who opened the museum and showed me around. Local history, dignitaries, personalities, pioneers, gramophones, old farm equipment etc.
The real surprise came at the end of the tour: she lifted the cover off a mannequin and there was a genuine Samurai outfit - the whole caboodle. Funny spiked hat, leather strips of the tunic. Something that really belongs in a big city museum. It had been found at the tip. We could only speculate that an officer serving either during the war, or in the occupation had smuggled it back, as an ordinary soldier would have great difficulty. Perhaps the chap died, and his possessions scattered. I wonder where the sword went to? I shall try to get a 'photo next time I'm up that way.
Anyone seen those classic Japanese movies, of Kurosawa, featuring Toshiro Mifune? 'The Seven Samurai', etc. Early, post-war black and white films. Great stuff. A great director too.
hmmm, images of the sword hidden in some lake comes to mind.
Umm, let me see. No thanks to the Spitfires, Hurricanes, MS 109's, Zeros' and Mustangs. Give me F14s' or B52 SuperFortress. ;) Yes, weird and wonderfull dreams, but still OK. Cycling = Lance = meet! To me he is the man and as Elsa said, I would just like to meet him, just because! And last but not the least, I want to ride a R35000+ bike!!!! ;D
Good one, Vo2. LOL. Different sword, different armour. Entirely different fighting technique - I guess that's what makes the old Samurai Warrior -type movies so riveting. Cheers.
Before i die:
wanna be an A cat rider and mayb even ride a tandem with my brother!! ;D
Get amongst some Czech titanium road frames and track frames. 8)

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