Beginers training help


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Feb 24, 2002
Hello all:

I am a beginer on the bike scene, I have signed up for the MS 150 ride in June in my area. Can anyone out there give me some advice for dieting, training etc. I feel a lost right now

Dear Davisk,

You really need to find a coach! A coach will help you plan your training so that you acheive your goal.

Many coaches will help riders who race or just want target a 'fun' event.

Good luck.

What is the MS 150?
Welcome to the best cycling BB on the web, Davis!
Apart from finding a coach, what cycling experience do you have (is this your first event or have you participated before)?
Have a look around the Nutrition, Health and Supplement forum on the board. Lotsa good advice there regarding nutrition.
Ask away, as there are many members here that can give you sound advice.