Beginner question: FTP targetted training?


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Oct 3, 2006
Yes, FTP is not a hard and fast 'on demand' number that you can expect to achieve on any given day. It's more of a concept and represents your capabilities if everything goes correctly including, sufficient rest, appropriate nutrition & hydration, sufficient motivation and good pacing.

If you train 'with' power instead of 'by' power, that is you train using power descriptively instead of prescriptively then misjudging FTP doesn't really effect day to day training. If you carry over HR based training concepts like strictly adhering to a min and max power level for a given workout and watching your PM to ensure that during training intervals (i.e. training 'by' power) then FTP estimation can impact training effectiveness, but realistically not that much unless you're way off.

Misjudging FTP has bigger impacts on TSS, the PMC, CTL, etc. Lowball FTP and you'll falsely inflate training load, overestimate FTP and you'll be working a lot harder than you might think.

Misjudging FTP can also impact time trial pacing on those days when you really are well rested, highly motivated and ready to put out your best efforts.