beginning mountain biker - looking for advice on buying a bike

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by LesserBlackDog, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Hi there,
    I'm a fairly experienced "recreational" cyclist and occasional commuter. Although I'm originally from MT, I lived in the Midwest the past several years and owned a hybrid bike (Trek 7.3 FX), which was adequate for city biking.

    Now that I live in the Rockies again, though, I'm getting a little tired of my bike's total lack of suspension and inability to traverse dirt and gravel roads and so on. So I'm looking to buy a mountain bike that I can use for recreation and commuting, as well as maybe start getting into actual mountain biking as a hobby at some point. I'm hoping those of you with more experience can give me a little insight. I've done a bit of research and shopping around and I think what I'm basically looking for is a hardtail with front suspension, disc brakes, and ideally sub-$500. I'm not a hardcore rider and I probably won't ever be so it doesn't need to be the most badass bike ever, just a high-quality beginner's mountain bike.

    The bikes I've been looking at are:

    Specialized Hardrock Disc ($520)
    Trek 3700 Disc ($460)
    Novara Bonanza ($599) (the REI in-house brand)

    Can anyone make any recommendations between these bikes, or tell me if there's something else I should be looking at?

    I've also been looking a bit at bikes well above my ideal price range - stuff like the Specialized Rockhopper and the Trek 4300 Disc. Is it worth it to invest the extra cash?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Yes for TREK it is worth to invest some more into their 4 series but maybe not worth to jump into their 5 series,
    checkout Cannondale F7 2010 model, killer value, for 2011 they have change models name though
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    I got a great deal on my Giant Yukon when I bought it. The saleman at my LBS took $100 off the sticker price and I ended up paying just over $500 for it before taxes. It's a great bike, and the only thing I don't like about it is it came stock with a RockShox Dart 1 fork. Definitely not the best fork in RockShox's line. But it came stock with Kenda Nevegal tires, which are by far some of the best tires on the market. I would also recommend browsing for your local area and see if there are any used MTB's for sale too. Good luck with the hunt!