Being chased by dogs....


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Feb 9, 2006
I've been "packing" spray for six months now. A PIA big pooch on my route will now give a hearty "AMEN" to pooch pepper spray's effectiveness. He came at me in such a way as to bring me to a halt - don't they always seem to have the wind and hill in their favor ? I clearly told him what I'd do if he didn't ********. Then the dog owner appears around the house - I hold my arm's in gesture and shout " can you help me out here please?" In the wind I could not clearly understand her, but fideaux persisted. I try to shove off as he is to windward, as I do he circles and threatens. ( from leeward heh heh ) I was outside the recommended distance, but lobbed a stream on him and rode off. He followed a bit, but fell off the pace markedly in 30 feet or so. Last I saw he was rolling in the dirt gleefully !
I went on around my course, was keeping a keen ear out for the sound of a shotgun toting sodbuster wanting to reinact the last scene from " Easy Rider" approaching from behind.
Home safe ! One smarter dog.
oogirl - Did your dog learn his lesson ? I feel good about mine .