Being Teased/bullied?

One of the reasons I only go out when it's dark is to avoid any taunts that might come my way for exercising and being overweight. It seems ridiculous really that someone who is trying to become healthier would be ridiculed for doing so. Only very small minded people do things like that though so I wouldn't worry too much what a bully thinks.
@lisasian86 I'm sorry this happened to you! Only a very close-mided, stupid person could be try to insulkt you for taking care of your health. You're correct in your attitude to those petty bullies- don't let them discourage you from cycling, or doing whatever you like, for that matter.
Unfortunately, some people can be cruel despite all of us being imperfect. Yes, all of us have imperfections whether we admit it or not. These bullies who did this to you, they're imperfect as well. Maybe not with their appearances but with their attitude and behaviour. The best thing you can do is ignore them. They're not worth your time or effort. Even defending yourself might end up becoming a never-ending fight.

Look at them in the eye and show them that you have courage and strength. Like they say, show kindness to your enemies despite what they do to you. In the end, karma will take care of them. Just focus on making yourself better and living a healthier life. Be with people who actually love you for who you are and what you do.

Take care of yourself and we're just here for you!
Actually, according to the teachings of many faiths they will be.
Hey, Mr. Beanz--way to stick up for someone who was trying to improve themselves! Most people would stay out of a situation that they're not personally involved in, but you saw someone in trouble and decided to help. If she didn't thank you, I am.

I think it's really sad when people (of any age) think that it's okay to make fun of someone who's different. Because all of us are different in some way. We don't all conform to society's rules for what makes someone attractive.

And for those who are trying to lose weight, or get in shape, encouragement is needed, not teasing and sarcasm.
I'm actually ashamed to say that I know people who make fun of larger people that are on bikes. I was once a larger person who lost weight in secrecy, but the first thing that comes to mind for me when I see heavier people riding bikes or working out for that matter is "good for them". I'm happy for people who are trying to make their lives better.

Keep it up. Don't worry about what people say. People that think positively are more likely to succeed than those who dwell on the negative thoughts.
I agree with you! I've seen heavier people out there and I say AT LEAST THEY ARE OUT THERE DOING IT!! Far more than someone whose NOT. I think most of us have had an issue at some point with weight so we should never judge someone because they want to be on a bike. The idea is to INCLUDE more people. Not EXCLUDE.
It is always amazing to me how people can so blindly mistreat others, but it happens all the time every day. I am not trying to say that I am a saint or anything or free of any guilt, but I think that I notice it a lot more these days and as I get older, and I am sure that is the case for everyone. Kids are mean, and sometimes adults are even more mean. We all just need to take stock in ourselves and know that we are doing the best for us, and who cares what others think.
I hate when people judge people based on weight. But even worse than that are people that judge people who are actively trying to improve themselves through exercise. You just have to tough your way through it and believe in yourself. As you get older you will care less and less about what people think. Life is so short and you don't want to be living your life based on the opinions of others.
Know a lot of these jerkfaces and bullies tend to abuse both verbally or physically to compensate their own self steem. Weak minded people whom can't cope with their shitty issues or lifestyle.

You keep cycling and let them keep hatin'. There is nothing they can really do to bring you down without engaging in violence.
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Hey there! Don't let those jerkfaces and bullies get to you. Cycling is all about enjoying the ride and the freedom it brings, so keep doing what you love! Remember, their negativity says a lot more about them than it does about you. Stay strong and keep pedaling, my friend. They can't bring you down without resorting to violence, and that's not worth it. Sending positive vibes your way! ‍♂️

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