Belgian Chocolates Truffles with Almonds

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  1. A very easy way of making delicious Belgian Chocolates is making
    Belgian Chocolate Truffles.

    These Belgian Chocolates Truffles are basic chocolate truffles, no
    flavours are added but an extra bite from almonds. This is how I always
    ate the truffles when my grandma made them, personally I like them even
    more basic without the almonds.

    4 3/8 ounce (125 gr) chocolate; grated
    1 3/4 ounce (50 gr) butter
    1 egg-yolk
    2 5/8 ounce (75 gr) icing sugar (powder sugar)
    1 ounce (30 gr) almonds
    extra cacao-powder and powder sugar to coat

    Melt the chocolate au-bain-marie: in a hot water bath. Beat the butter until
    it becomes creamy. Stir into the butter the egg-yolk, sugar and chocolate.
    Mix well. Stir lastly the almonds in the mixture, mix well.
    Let all cool down, until the chocolate mixture becomes stiff.
    In a round glass (so you can see through what is happening...), add
    a mixture of cacao powder and icing sugar. Make little balls from the
    chocolate and swirl them around in the cacao-powder icing-sugar



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