Belgian Prime Minister hit by some dude in a car



If your gonna hit a cyclist this guy is prolly the wrong bloke ;)<br /><br />
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt suffered a fractured elbow on Sunday after being hit by a car as he was riding his bike along a road in the northern town of Gent, officials said. <br /><br />A keen cyclist, Verhofstadt was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent minor surgery. <br /><br />The prime minister will be released from hospital on Monday morning after having a cast put on his arm, in time to travel to Berlin for a lunch meeting with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, his spokesman said. <br />
Well there is one country which will soon have the best cyclist friendly laws in the world :D
Nice to hear that he's going to be okay, but come on we need more.<br /><br />Was the bike okay ? What bike was it ? will the insurance cover it's replacement if it's damaged beyond repair ? has the driver been seen since or has he been whisked away by the Belgium secret service ? Do the belgiums have a secret service ? Why do some biscuit go soft straight away when you dip them in coffee while others don't ?...........ooops sorry got carried away there a bit. ;)
[quote ]<br />The 49-year-old prime minister, known to be a cycling enthusiast, was taking an afternoon ride when he was hit by a car at a roundabout. <br />
<br /><br />That's all I can find.<br /><br />The Roundabout must be one of the main causes for cars and bikes to come in contact. With drivers so busy vying for position the don't notice cyclist.<br /><br />Laz
I was in a doctor's waiting room this morning. They had a 1997 Time magazine. (Don't doctors ever change their mags???) It had a picture of an overweight Belgian PM of the time riding a bike in Amsterdam with Tony Blair. Can't remember the PM's name. Apparently the German president Kohl opted out! I got called in before I could read any further.
well I am from belgium. It happend in a small town Bachte Maria Leerne. The bike seemed all right it was an Eddy Merckx. Our prime minister seems to have already ordered another one prior to the accident(did he have a vision) the new one is also a merckx.<br />He often takes is bike on trips I remeber him going for a ride wile visiting Japan once.
I'm also from belgium and when I first saw it on tv i taught he was dead. the people were talking about it half the length from the news. he just had broken something. but they never telled who's fault it was.

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