Belgium, Ghent. Trip Advise Needed Please ...

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    Sep 18, 2015
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    Hi, I'm looking for some help with a recreational cycle trip based around Ghent. There will be 2 groups of cyclists, a 25-30 km per day gentle riding group, and a 35-50 km per day oldies but pushers type group.

    The idea is to leave Ghent and each day for 4 days stay in a village and on day 5 end up back in Ghent. So basically a 5 day circular route. Obviously each village needs to be no more that 30 km from the last one and the 50 km group will add other bits on, but still end up together with everyone each night in the village.

    I've looked at the Water Mill Route and the Leiestreek route and these seem quite nice, but I would like some input from someone who knows the area. The 25-30 km group need minimal hills and certainly no steep or long ones, so not sure about the Water Mill route.

    We would like off road tracks and quiet routes and water and nice villages whenever possible. We won’t be using road bikes.

    So not much to ask then ! Have you got an recommendations ?

    MANY THANKS in advance and any advice would be much appreciated.