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    What are you, a cross between Elvis and Beavis?

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    Sun from Earth= in miles. 93,000,000 Moon from Earth= in
    miles. 239,000 How formula was developed: diam of moon= 2156
    miles dist of moon from earth= 239,000 in miles size of moon
    from earth= 31 arc min arc sec increases proportion to diam
    of object arc sec inversly proportion to dist of obj from
    earth size 31 arcsec* 60 arcsec/arcmin * moon dist / moon
    diam * input = 206,283 * diam obj / distance of object from
    earth. J 239,000 - 206,283= 32,717 in miles = or -
    = or +. so
    spring is March 20 2003 to march 20 2004. time at 83.4 West
    and 42.8 North here were I am at with out getting to tech.
    March 20 2003 time of spring was ?
    > 18 100 about. might be wrong. still looking. and this
    > year if at
    March 20 2004. at 01 49 about here. were would the moon be
    about. in time change of spring. est time here.

    The sun position at all over the world. march 21 2003 city
    chicago america longitude 87.6 west ,latitude 41.9 north.
    Time difference between GMT - 6.00 hours direction is
    western rotation from south. Hours RA 0 to 23h to m 0.80 to
    4.29 decl. degrees munites +0 to 5.2 to + 0 to 27.9
    Direction High digrees or/and degrees degrees. not seen to
    hr 5, hr 6
    270.2 ,0.5 to 17 hr 80.5, 10.9, hr 18 to 23 not seen. to
    march 20 2004. J with out getting to tech. or How
    about this one.

    Chocalate Math

    Don't cheat by scrolling down, First. it only takes a minute
    work this out as you read the be sure you don't read the
    bottom untill you worked it out! this is not one of those
    waste of time things, its fun.

    271. First of all pick the number of times a wake that you
    would like to have chocalate try for marathon once but
    less then 10.
    272. multyply this number by 2.
    273. add 5 just to be bold for sunday.
    274. Multiply it by 50 being a lot stupid. I well wait while
    you get the calulation.
    275. if you have already had yours birth. this year add
    1751, if you haven't add 1750.
    276. now subtract the 4 digit year that you were born if you
    remember. or this one 360 degrees coordinate IAU UBV
    system. IAU 88 official recognized constellations.

    First point of aries. position of the sun on the first day
    of spring.

    277. = FAQ part 2 of 8

    Belvis. = V in a geometry shape cut.
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