Benchmarks for Distance Training

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by Rawhide, Sep 15, 2004.

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    Aug 11, 2004
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    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie and am interested in determining my current performance level as well as my progress as I train. I have a few general questions that I would apprecite your expertise & experience.

    1. What would be considered "slow", "average" and "excellent" for race times for the following distances.

    15 miles
    27.3 miles
    56 miles
    112 miles

    If you have'nt noticed, these are the distances for the different Triathlons events run throughout the country/world, so the caveat would be based on me doing these races as part of a Triathlon. If your inclined, I would also be interested in knowing what a slow, average and excellent time would be if I just did the distance as partof a stand alone cycle race.

    I plan on training for all of these events eventually, but want to do them in sequential order based on my fitness level at that time. Obviously the degree of difficulty on each course will impact times, but in general what would be considered slow, average, excellent times for these distances ?

    FYI, I just did my 1st TRI on Saturday and completed the 15 mile cycle leg in approximately 50 minutes on a very hilly course. I wondering if this was a good time, as I passed quite a few people, most as we were going up hill. The ones I passed on the flats appeard to be standing still as I went by. I doubt I am quite that fast, but my observations are accurate, so I would like your opinion.

    2. Finally, to train for these distances, should I ride more miles than the race distance and if so, how many ?

    Thanks in advance for your fedback.