Bent Dropout - I just have to brag



I just have to brag !!!!!!!!! a few posts ago I enquired about a Kinesis dropout for my Tandem. I even contacte dthe factory In Taiwan by email but had no response, dealers could not help me and even the "cyclingforum" community could not help me. I had the choise of using a ill fitting Haro dropout @ R250-00 or make one myself. I paid R40-00 for a bar of aluminium big anough to make 6 dropouts. I dusted the cobebd off my litlle Emco Unimat lathe and started. One flop and two days later I have a fully functional dropout on my bike and will fit my derailleur tomorrow nite. I can still be done. The rep at a bike manufacturer just shook his head in disbelief when he saw hwat I had done.

My next project - to make a derailleur hanger alignment tool

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Well, well BH, there you go! A boer maak 'n plan! Well done...