Bent Rim, Replace or Repair?


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Jun 25, 2011

Well, i busted up my back rim and need to know if i should replace it and get a new one or will i be able to fix it?


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Sep 16, 2003
It is possible to resurrect a rim like that, but it takes some doing. The rim has to be unlaced, then bent back into straight, then laced into the wheel again. Taping the spoke together at the outer cross will make the relacing quicker. You will lose an undefined amount of strength this way. I've done this on several rims and haven't had a reason to regret it yet, but maybe I've just been lucky. Perform at own risk.

You need a serious amount of counter-bend to get it back into straight, and if it's a pinned rim, it may come apart at the joint. Not an issue while riding, as the spokes will be pulling the rim together again, but it will be real hard to continue the straightening process once the rim has started to split.