Bent wheel: Straighten or Trash It?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by JoelinNH, Jun 29, 2003.

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    While out on a warm summer ride today, I was jetting down a grade on a back country road at about 35MPH. I hit a recessed hunk of road that was totally unavoidable, and it nearly threw me off of the bike, and caused some cursing directed towards the local highway dept. Some of the roads around here might as well be cobblestone, or not paved at all ( they would probably be smoother).
    I managed to proceed into the next town, all the while the bike feeling like it was in the movie Footloose. This was also quite a feat trying to find a paved path, as I never knew some many dirt roads still existed in this area.
    Upon stopping for a treat at the local deli, and a quick inspection of the bike, I found the rear wheel to be bent a binding up on the brakes at points along its travel. I deactivated the rear brake release which offered minor results. I also tried prying the brakes further apart to no avail.
    In the end, being 30 miles from home, with no immediate solution, I removed the rear wheel, and found the high spots and smacked them out of the ground of the parking lot. I was able to get the wheel to stop hitting on the brake pads, and proceeded to ride the rest of the way home with no rear brakes, and the hippy hippy shake the rest of the 23miles to my house.
    I would now like to know, if this wheel is repairable, or should I proceed to enter into the replacement wheel set market? I am dropping the wheel at the local bike shop, and I am very disappointed that I will not be commuting to work tomorrow. Perhaps I should pick up my Trek 2300 that I have down there on lay-a-way? All this and an old lady almost hit me with her van. Oh well, I still had fun. Cheers-Joltron