'Bents @ Hellyer Velodrome June 1st!!!

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  1. Just thought I'd pass this on to you for you to passs along as well. There is going to be a
    recumbent fun and race day at Hellyer Park Velodrome on Sunday, June 1st all day. Many cool and
    weird machines will be on hand to tickle your fancy and compete. Come on out and watch or just take
    a few "hot laps" on your own 'bent. Here's the latest message from the sponsors of this fun.

    Here's the latest about the 'bent event at Hellyer Park Velodrome. It's right off 101, a bit south
    of S.J. This is from Carole & George Leone who put on this great day at the 'drome. If you want to
    see some fine 'bent racing, COME ON OUT!!! Hope to see some of you there!

    ...Hello California Racers:

    Just a reminder that the annual San Jose Velodrome Fun Day is coming up soon: June 1st.

    So far only 5 people have taken advantage of the $5 discount for early registration.

    For race information, directions and download able forms, go to www.calpolyhpv.com/hellyer/htm

    For those wondering about a velodrome day at the Encino Velodrome, it's not going to happen in July.
    Maybe in October, maybe not. I've been in contact with them since early April, but they haven't
    gotten back to me with a price and information on insurance yet. I can't wait any longer to try do
    something in July. Not enough lead time now.

    Please pass this message on to anyone you think may be interested!

    See you at the velodrome!

    Carole and George Leone

    p.s. this info was forwarded by...

    A Bent 4 Rent Recumbent Cycles 227 Grand Ave. #7 Pacific Grove, CA. 93950 U.S.A.

    (831) 644-9320


    [email protected]

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.