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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by bentcruiser, May 10, 2003.

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    > Greg Dunn <[email protected]> wrote:
    > : I hesitate to disrupt the flow of this engaging conversation about serious cycling states, but
    > : Burleys do have a better shot at mainstream bike stores than most recumbent dealers, in that
    > : they already have the distribution channels open.
    > Does anybody think recumbents will be a commercial success for mainstream LBSes?

    We are in the middle of "bike week" (parades, free breakfast, kids jumping way up on BMXs,
    Bike2Work, etc.) in the middle of Bike Month. Last year BikeE pissed off the only recumbent dealer
    at the time for so called large orders (3). This year that bike shop will not touch them. It does
    not appear profitable enough.

    I wish I could find a niche in the market in these energy-concerned times but seeing failure after
    failure worries me.

    For "bicycle friendly Santa Cruz" it seems that if people don't build a bike, or get one cheap,
    investment is VERY risky.

    Chris Jordan Santa Cruz, CA. (where 2 E-bikes won a race from downtown to Capitola as part of
    Bike Week)

  2. Seamus

    Seamus Guest

    An LBS nearby has taken its first step into the recumbent world this season. Actually, this shop
    sells DF bikes & in-line skates along with skies and snowboards in the winter months.

    Anyway, they've chosen Optima as their one and only recumbent brand at the moment. They had a Baron
    and a Lynx on the floor a couple weeks ago when I stopped by. And they were expecting a "Dingo" in
    the next few eeeks as well. The Optimas are distinctive, great looking bikes, but pricey here in the
    USA. Had I been able to afford one,I'd have happily rode off on the Lynx. I hope these folks are

    But I couldn't help wondering whether the Optima brand was the best choice (for a shop that had not
    previously dealt with recumbents) to get their feet wet in the market.Time will tell.
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