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    2. Connection Magazine Features US
    3. Jim Muelner's Bay Area Report
    4. Skot Paschal's awesome Eugene to Arcata photos
    5. Mayor Willie Brown to Receive Men on Tricycles

    If all goes according to plan, it looks like I am going to Berkeley tomorrow and San Francisco on
    Monday for all the Mayors' Ride excitement that is taking place up there. Indeed I will keep you
    posted. We are major burning over here at NBG central as the phones and the email are all non stop.
    Wow! At nine days away from the Aug 17 Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest, volunteers are coming out in force.
    I don't want to name names because I don't want to put anybody on the spot, but do know we are
    nothing without your help. In the words below, I will endeavor to show you what not only our riders
    are doing but what kind of wonder fills our computer screens here everyday !!

    - Here is a news release I got from Berkeley Councilman Kriss Worthington today. This man leaves no
    stone unturned as he uses our event to promote bicycling in Berkeley. Soft spoken and fun, this
    man carries a Big Stick where getting things done is concerned, For our ride from Berkeley to
    Oakland, he's been burning up his phone and fax lines with this news release:



    Berkeley Mayor TOM Bates will bike Berkeley's Bicycle boulevards with Corporate Executive, Jim
    Muellner, who left the successful leading edge company he founded so that he could bicycle across
    the country. Muellner will be welcomed to Berkeley after having ridden the three wheel bike his new
    company makes all the way here from Washington DC. Jim will also be received by a pair of Hi
    Wheelers and local and national bicyclists. This exciting local segment held at Berkeley City Hall,
    where Jim, a former industry captain, will be named an honorary Berkeleyan, will be followed by a
    6-mile bike ride along Berkeley's Bicycle Boulevards to Oakland City Hall.

    Friday August 8 at 1 p.m. Steps of City Hall 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley

    Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates will also welcome the National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) ride that Jim
    represents. By the time the national ride ends at the Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest on Sunday Augist 17,
    this relay will have been honored by 26 different big city Mayors. NBG Coast-to-Coast cycling
    veteran, Max Chen, "Awake Again" author and Santa Cruz NBG director,
    Martin Krieg, also on a tricycle, and Council member Kriss Worthington will also ride to Oakland. .

    For more info please call:

    Kriss Worthington 510-981-7170 or page 515-0007 Mayor Tom Bates 981-7100 Martin Krieg (831) 252-8830

    2. Connection Magazine did a tremendous job for us with a publication that just hit the streets
    today!! A tabloid sized newsprint magazine, like the Good Times feature that ran last year, our
    event is on the front page and on both sides of the centerspread!!! A truly handsome piece, it
    will draw a large new audience off people to our offering. Publisher Pattie Mills went far beyond
    the call of duty to make sure all of our performers were profiled and the local focus of our
    event, promoting the Coastal Rail Trail from Santa Cruz to Watsonville, is the unquestioned theme
    for our second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest. As the official program guide for our festival,
    it will do a great job to communicate the high level of quality people can expect from our soon
    upcoming show!!


    3. Here is Jim Muellner

    Hi Everybody: You cannot believe how over whelming biking in the San Francisco Bay Area can be. It
    includes several ferry rides, as they sure don't want you on the bridges. Maybe some day there will
    be a bike path off one or both sides of these bridges.

    After arriving in SFO from Napa, via Vallejo, which I always want to pronounce Valhalla or something
    like that from the Opera. First thing I had to do was bike through Fisherman's Wharf. I have fond
    memories of taking my children here. Once, Beth, my daughter and her friend Lisa came. I dropped
    them off at 8AM and said I would meet them at 5PM. They were only about 14 years old. When I picked
    them up I asked them how they liked the water. They said what water? They had not realized they were
    on the coast and had spent the entire time going from store to store shopping. It still makes me
    smile today riding past where I dropped them off 25 years ago.

    Another time my son Jon, who loves seafood, and I came down to the wharfs at 6AM to have a final
    crab dish before driving back to Minnesota. Suddenly there was a crack, very load. It sounded like a
    gun shot. Everyone ran out to see, it sounded like it was right next to our van. We looked down and
    the bubble mirror had fallen down and burst. We were relieved and laughed, but we were glad to be on
    our way with the taste of crab still in our mouths.

    Today I had a new surprise. I had left Napa with $20 in my pocket. Thought I would stop at the cash
    machine, but it would not give me any money. Thought it was faulty, so I waited until I got to the
    ferry. I tried again, a late Friday attempt. A little notice sprang up that said, your cash card has
    expired. No warning, nothing. Why couldn't it say your card will expire Monday, or in a few days.
    Why be so absolute on a Friday afternoon. As I rode up and down the wharf thinking about the great
    seafood that I could not enjoy. Yes, I have credit cards. But when you are on a bike or trike, in
    the interest of keeping your bike from being stolen, you are limited to the cash counters. I settled
    for a bran muffin and a cup of coffee. Thanks to some dear friends who advanced me some cash I was
    able to survive until Monday. I love all the automatic cards, but unless you have every base
    covered, they can be a pain.

    It has been fun getting to know the various areas of the Bay Area. Today after our picture taking
    session at city hall in Berkeley, Max Chen gave me a tour of Berkeley. We had lunch at a unique
    Indian restaurant, then went to the Pedal Express, a bike delivery service, location. We got a tour
    of several related business who design bikes, clothing and a whole variety of items for others. Then
    a special stop at the Sake Tasting Museum, what a deal. Martin I even took a picture of the sign
    with my last picture. I will send it tomorrow.

    So now I am off to find my way back to where I am staying. It is a beautiful area, all you need is
    money to live here, or a lot of determination.

    We are scheduled for a group ride on Friday from Berkeley to Oakland, even the Mayor of Berkeley
    will ride with us, which should be fun.

    Keep you posted. Love to you all, Jim

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    4. Skot Paschal's awesome Eugene to Arcata photos

    Skot Paschal's awesome Eugene to Arcata photos are now on line!! And I do mean a w e s o m e!!
    Especially if U view them in slide show mode:

    What had seemed like a formidable task was made easy and fast by the Macintosh Iphoto software that
    Faye Saunders so expertly maneuvered me thru!! With her help, I was able to resize and load 35 pix
    in 1/5 the time it would normally have taken me ..

    Arcata to Napa pix soon!!


    5. Mayor Willie Brown to Receive Men on Tricycles

    DATE: August 7, 2003


    CONTACT: Martin Krieg - Phone: 831-426-8830, mailto:[email protected], Cell 831-252-8830

    Who: San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Who: San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly Who: 67 year old
    Smarte Carte inventor, Jim Muellner + Jim
    Wetherell, Martin Krieg

    WHAT: Mayor Willie Brown and Car Free San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly welcome Corporate
    Executive, Jim Muellner, who left the successful leading edge company he founded so that he could
    build tricycles like the one he rode here from Washington, DC. Along the way Jim has participated in
    National Bicycle Greenway Day receptions, often with Mayors, in 25 other US cities. He will be
    joined by two other celebrities on trikes, Parkinson's survivor Jim Wetherell and "Awake Again" author and Santa Cruz
    National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) director, Martin Krieg , as they ready for the 8/17 Santa Cruz NBG
    Bike Fest at San Lorenzo Park on Sunday August 17:

    WHEN: 12 Noon - Monday, August 11, 2003

    WHERE: Noon at San Francisco City Hall Goodlett Place steps

    WHY: To take part in Mayor Brown's Proclamation Ceremony proclaiming this date as "National Bicycle
    Greenway Day in the City of San Francisco." The NBG is a non-profit organization dedicated to
    promoting the establishment of a nationwide network of interconnected bike-friendly roads and
    bicycle pathways that will connect cyclists to major cities throughout the US. This event will also
    announce the second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest which besides being the only US appearance by
    celebrated jazz drummer Prince Lawsha, will also feature presentations about the Rail Trail to
    Watsonville by lawmakers Sam Farr , John Laird, Mardi Wormhoudt and Dennis Norton.


    MARTIN KRIEG: "Awake Again" Author c/o 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
    Greenway CEO Ever wanted anything so bad U were willing to die for it? Really die? By moving thru
    clinical death and reversing paralysis, *I saw God* when I answered that question.

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