Berlin Six-Day - Night Three

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Davey Crockett

A great Saturday evening saw 13,500+ fans pack the Landsberger Alle Velodrome to see the popular
home turf rider, Guido Fulst, and his Potsdammer partner, Robert Bartko, end the night still leading
the rankings.

But it was a cliffhanger for a while as the Villa-Marvulli pair temporarily grabbed the lead after
the first 30 minute chase.

However in the second chase lasting 45 minutes, an agressive Bartko-Fulst took back the lead after
an exciting display of scintillating riding. Bartko-Fulst kept the pace so high that only Slippens-
Stam could stay with them and the duel between the two teams came down to the three sprints in the
last 30 laps. Slippens-Stam took the first and Bartko-Fulst the second which left the fans
expecting a classic charriot race type battle for the final sprint. But with four laps to go Bartko
went off the front and gained 30 meters. Stam immediately made a valliant attempt to close the gap
but could not make any headway whereupon the Dutchmen simply gave up and didn't even retain second
spot in the sprint

There was some temporary pairing as four riders, including Betschart, Van Zyl and Sven Teutenburg
reported sick. Betschart's soigneur, Fauconnier, promised to have his man back in action for the
Sunday session but we shall have to see what happens to the rest of the lads on the sicklist and
there may be some rearrangement of the Pairs for the action tonight (Sunday).
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