Berthoud or Baggins


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Dec 12, 2004
Hi, I am mentally outfitting a Rivendell Rambouillet and am trying to decide what bags to get for it. I will be using this bike for day trips in Wisconsin. No multi-day tours or rides in foul weather for the time being. I like the idea of a handlebar bag with map case in front, and a small saddlebag in the back.

The french bags by Gilles Berthoud look great. A GB 192 handlebar bag coupled with a GB saddlebag would make a nice matching kit:

However, Rivendell sells similar products in the Baggins Boxy Bag with Nitto rack, and Banana Bag:

I am attracted to both options. The Berthoud bags are classic and elegant, while the Baggins bags are made in the USA and more rugged in appearance. Rivendell descibes their Bananna Bag as "Modeled after a similar French design, but enlarged and improved upon."

If you have seen or better yet used these bags, which do you prefer, and why? How does the Berthoud KlickFix front bag mounting system compare to the Nitto rack? If you have a bike outfitted with these bags, I'd love to see a picture. Thanks!