Best advice for bike values


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Aug 5, 2021
Hi - sorry for this being my first thread.

Trying to move a little money around to get a new mountain bike and what I can get somewhat depends on what I can sell.

I have a Schwinn aluminum 594 that I bought in 1991 as a frame. I did the build when I was in HS, so it is kind of a non-standard frankenbuild. It has a shimano 600 drive. After I built it I rode it for maybe a couple of years, went to college, got more into mountains over road, so it sat... From what I remember, it was light and fast. Besides cleaning it off, everything does still work on it.


I can't find anything either on ebay or elsewhere. Anyone have a good resource for finding value on something like this? The other bikes I am selling to get a decent mountain bike to keep up with my kids.

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Actually that is a GOOD frame and fork. I wouldn't testify about the components and the wheels probably suck by now. But a Shimano 105 groups and some Chinese Superteam Carbon CLINCHERS are good values. With that stuff on it it would be $1,000 bike but the build would cost more than that. So I would put the present value at around $500 on your local Craigslist. That is what the frameset is worth.