Best all-round/training tyre and best racing tyre?????


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Jan 5, 2003
What do you think is the best training/all-round tyre and what is the best racing tyre?

Personally I have never tried anything but the GP 3000, so I could obviously need some help on the subject.
I use Conti gator skins for training - four seasons for racing.
My bike came out with Michelin Axial Sports. I did 5000km on them and they can still do about 1000+ and I've had only one puncture in all the time. I replaced it with Conti Gatorskins this weekend and WOW! what a difference. For startes you can pump the Contis harder and with the lack of tread those babies as so fast. I've always thought it was just old man's tales when they said that tyres runs smoother if it has less tread. I mean I've ridden tyres untill thay wer bold and they did not feel an faster. Oh by they way, I don't have two sets of wheels so the one pair I've got is for training and racing.
Thx for the replies :)

Elsewhere I found very good reviews of the Veloflex Pavé so I think I'm gonna try that out for the coming season. Anyone tried this tyre?
For a good racing tire which has to last a while Conti GP 3000
Better but wearing very past Vittoria CX
Also very Good according to my mates veloflex pave
Good rain tire Vittoria All Weather
Maybe spent your money on some lattex inner tubes.

Want super fast tubular which is extramaly light. Conti sonderklasse is very fast and extramely light. Only usable for TT though as it doesn't last that long and has not such a good leak resistance(its primarily a track tubular and it costs a fortune)
Yeah i got a question thats very very similar.Whats the best tire for youth circuit race's (like crits) it's gotta handle wet weather as well it rains in britian.I've been told veloflex are good.I rode vrestien in a wet race and they stuck like glue and they were a old pair.I was riding pro race last year but had a supersonic on front after cutting the pro race(i fell of 2 twice for no real reson last year one in a warm up in the wet and one going round a tight bend but i wernt pushing them then).
Originally posted by jalabert
Thx for the replies :)

Elsewhere I found very good reviews of the Veloflex Pavé so I think I'm gonna try that out for the coming season. Anyone tried this tyre?

I have been using Veloflex Pave for about 2.5 years. Summer only. Very nice tyres, but they cut easily, so if the roads around you are of poor quality then you might want to reconsider.
Actually the roads are good, but Denmark are notorius for its very small flintstones that lay pretty much every.
How many kilometers/miles can you get out of these tires? On they claim the rear can do 3000km and the front 6000km.
Race on a car racing track which is very nice but then i race at another coures thats got pot holes.I have had a look at the website but it dont give a description of what there different tyres are designed to do,i guesse the pave is for road racing.I will also only use them for a season and i only race for about 30 mins becasue im a youth so they wont get that many miles,i will train on other wheels.
Hi Guys

I use Conti Sport 2000 700 x 28c tyres on the tandem. Very good and dependable tyres. I get about 2000 to 2500 km on a tyre (if they do not cut before that) We are a fairly heavy tandem pair (me not the wife!!!!! ) Phew ....... I can relax again, I did not see her behind me !!!!!!! The slick pattern afford really low rolling resistance and you have to go slow with the long bike in the rain anyway. The rear tyre wears much faster than the front and I rotate when the contact surface starts becoming worn. I have had the compound coming loose from the casing. Only one gripe though. The cloth tape used to hold the bead to the sidewall start fraying and then you have loose threads everywhere. I normally coat this with a contact glue before I fit the tyres. I sometimes wonder why Conti do not address this during manufacture.

Keep those wheels spinning (this time i mean it!!!)

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Turbo Armadillo,almost 4000 miles and zero flats and i've riden in glass,stickers,everything.
training...michelin axial bi-sport. a good, reliable, robust, kevlar bead tire for 22 dollars. mine last about 2500 miles. did I mention 22 dollars? good rating in and by bicycling magazine. and did I mention they're only 22 dollars?

racing...michelin axial pro light or michelin pro race. lighter, smoother, more expensive tire. about 52 dollars. holds the road well.

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