Best Chain Oil For Bike Stored Outside


Jun 23, 2015
Hi guys,

I have been using this spray on waxy oil for my bike in the past (specifically: Dupont Teflon chain-saver). But these days my bike is stored outside most of the time, both at my home and at work. The chain-saver seems to wash or wear off really rapdily now so I am thinking I need to swap to something more suitable now my bike is out in the elements quite a lot. It no longer needs to be a "clean" option as the bike is not stored in the house.

Does anyone have a recommendation, preferably something *cheap* as ye olde budget is very tight for the next few months.


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Sep 12, 2005

Any good motorcycle chain spray or liquid oil has good wash off properties. I just happen to have snagged a case of the Castrol brand on sale some where. Motorcycle shops and automotive parts stores stock motorcycle chain lubes.

Chain saw bar oil is also pretty tenacious and long(er) lived in wet weather.

Both of the above will benefit from a light film of grease smeared over the oil. Yeah, it makes for a messy chain, but a messy, non-rusted chain generally.

Motorcycle chain lubes range from moderately priced to fairly expensive. Shop around. Chainsaw bar oils are generally pretty cheap. Automotive wheel bearing grease is also cheap.

In wet storage conditions WD-40 is a good choice to displace the H2O in a water soaked chain prior to applying the real lubricants. Rust never sleeps.