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Jun 6, 2007
Where can I find the best info on bike setup. Especially saddle height and cleat mounting? I've been getting a saddle sore on only one side and need to figure out if i need a new saddle or if I just need to adjust it. Thanks.
Best thing is to find a bike shop that can fit your bike. There are measurements that you wouldn't be able to make because you need to be sitting on your bike while they are done. A good bike fit is really important and will have you feeling like you're riding a brand new bike... one that doesn't hurt or leave you with numb spots.:)
I don't think there is such a thing...a website that dials in your perfect position. The intarwez is smart...but, not that smart.

Ask around to find out who the 'go to' people in your region are. Then go see your local or semi-local fitting guru.

You might also have someone with at least reasonably accurate measuring abilities measure your leg lengths. If one is longer or if your spine is curved or 'if' any number of physical issues are extant, you may explain getting raw on one side. Leg length differences are relatively easy to check. If leg or spine imbalances exist, full scale X-rays are in order.

It could also be as simple as a seat that rubs you the wrong way, a saddle height that is a little too tall, too much reach to the bars or too much drop to the bars.

All this should be evaluated by someone with experience in setting up riders. You may waste $200 and you may come away with a sheet of numbers and the best feeling position you've ever had. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...but blowing $200 on a cure is a bargain IMO.

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