Best Forefoot Cushioning

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  1. Identity theft? Hijacking? There is only one ~Twitty.~
    ~ AB

    That post was not from me.
    But this is ~

    Dr. Cynthia Pfeffer, MD:

    I DO need medicine, oothpaste, shampoo, et al,
    and vitamins. Do you know what taking stims
    for ADD and taking no vitaimins does?

    It's like NO stuff to make neurotransmitters,
    because that canned food is nutrition-void
    [sinced the the people who know me, including
    doctors, REFUSE to even speak to me now,
    much less, pay for doctor visit].

    And that is JEOPARDIZING my health,
    which unnecessary, for whatever reason.

    If you are not responsible, please tell
    whoever is.

    Being sick at 50 y/o is no joke,
    even if you can pen a few poems on usenet.

    VIrginia Hooper

  2. Like Lance, I haven't worn socks with my running shoes. Did over 60
    marathons without socks.

    If show and foot are moving at the same pace there is no friction.

    I would hazard a guess that as you get tired, your head starts to lean

    Stand up and lean forward, you'll feel your toes dig into the
    ground...or your shoe.

    As you run, imagine that you have no toes. Keep the top of the head up
    when walking, running standing or sitting. When you are standing you
    should always be able to wiggle your toes.

    Good luck

    Ozzie Gontang