Best helmets for children..


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Mar 20, 2016
What are your opinions on the best helmets for children getting into cycling? I find it hard to get mine to want to wear they're helmets because they hate the way they look so something that looks cool but is very protective would be really nice.
Helmets are pretty much all tested to the same minimum level of protection, so if there are any that offers MORE than that, no one knows about it.
The best helmet is the one that gets used.
So worry about that hurdle rather than about brand or model.
First thing you should do is lead by example - wear a helmet yourself.
Next, talk to your kids. Find out what they like and dislike.
Maybe they like skateboard helmets better.
They offer a comparable amount of protection.
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Dabac is 100% correct.
Almost every kids helmet meets a certain level of protection.
As long as you are buying it from a legit store you are fine.
Just get any helmet that the kid will actually wear.
If you are worries about shelling out a few extra bucks for a cool helmet you're priorities are pretty messed up.
How do you know if the helmet is "cool" well just ask your kid!
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You can check the "Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute" online for some good advice on helmets. ;)

Mind you, sometimes companies try to make helmets look more "appealing" to kids I think, by using some cloth covers on them. I have seen quite a few on Denim with Hanna Montana's ugly mug on... :D

These are not such a good idea as they dont "slide" as well in the case of a crash.

Also, even though all helmets are at least equally safe, some are not as comfortable as the others.

My bell Ukon was not as comfortable as my now crashed Spesh Echelon but was worn for three years without crashing... Its also just around 30 euro. I crashed the Spesh in 7 months. :D
Yea +1 with dabac. The children's helmet has to satisfy the minimum standard. If not, it may be illegal to product such a helmet for child use.
While riding it is must important to take care of the safety of your children I will recommend you the HAWK CYCLING HELMETS WHICH IS CHEAP AS WELL AS STRONG FOR SAFETY.

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