Best place for a training camp in Italy.


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Sep 22, 2006

I'm planning a training camp in Italy from 1.feb - 28 March.

I've been looking at Lucca and the area east of the Garda lake.

The purpose of our training camp is to get some good long rides in the mountains. But the question is if it's even possible (due to weather).

Does anyone have any info on this?

I'm also open to suggestions on other places to do a training camp.
the weather is not very hot, but is good.
Many team choose this zone for training in winter.
I know lake of garda zone, and it is very beautiful zone for training. you can choose in the train in east but also in west of lake. in evey two zone you can have good road and good mountains.
I don't know Lucca zone, I know zone near Grosseto in Tuscany, in winter in Grosseto weather is very better respect other north italy zone.
if you have some question ask, I try answer to you,
Thanks for your reply.
I was told that the area around the Garda lake was too cold to ride in the mountains. I was told that there would be snow in the mountains.
sometime in ferbruary is very cold. in march is some better. depend when you want to be in italy. person that live in north italy choose lake becuase is near.
in this period in tuscany some zone is better that lake of garda becuase there is some degree in more.
I was in tuscany last winter, there were many pro team, becuase in febrary first pro race in italy is in tuscany.