Best place for a training camp


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Sep 22, 2006
I've been trying to decide where to hold my next training camp - from 1. feb - 28.march.

My first thought was Lucca in Italy, due to all the great climbing possibilties - and I've heard the roads are quiet and friendly motorists... But now I'm a little bit worried that I wont be able to ride in the mountains because of icy roads or snow. - Any of you have experience riding in this area at this time of year? :confused:

My second choice was Alicante/Benidorm in Spain, but after a quick look on google earth, it doesn't look like there's as many climbing possibilities as in Lucca - one advantage is that it is probably signifcantly warmer (18 degrees celcius)

Even though Alicante is warmer, my first choice is still Lucca, UNLESS the weather makes climbing impossible.

I hope some of you can help.

Suggestions for other locations are welcome of course :)

Thank you!

jonny jon

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Dec 10, 2009
you could look at france ,
st jean pied de port area .about 60 kms from Bayonne , and going through the mountains around beherobie area ...
its a good work out for sure and close to the coast if you want to do the socoa coast ride ...nice road !