Best sunglasses?


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Jan 20, 2007
Okay, I'm finally ready to spring for some good sunglasses, but now I don't know what to get. I thought I'd get the Giro Havik, but my head is too wide/fat for them.

Now, I'm looking at the Oakley Radar, and I am totally confused. With all the lens options, lens sizes, colors, etc., I don't know how anyone ever makes a decision on a pair.

Does anyone have a recommendation? I wear contact lens and live at altitude (Colorado), so I presume one of the darker lens is best (Black Iridium?).

Also, what about the photocromatic lenses? Do they work?

mwy said:
Also, what about the photocromatic lenses? Do they work?
I have used the specialized tarzo with "adaptalite" lenses (photocromatic) and i think they work pretty well in a wide range of light levels. I had a friend who used the BBB photocromatic lenses and they never really went dark even on the brightest of days.
Just my thoughts...
I have 4 pairs of Rudy Project (2 Rydon, Ekynox, and one other...cant think of the name) and I love the Rydons. They are wide enough for my somewhat large head and are incredibly comfortable. The Ekynox look really cool but are a little small for my head so I hesitate to wear those on longer rides. But overall they're really nice glasses. They are quite expensive but just bite the bullet and do it. A nice pair of Oakleys will run you the same amount. I upgraded lenses on my Rudy's. I can't recall the name of them but they are scratchproof and they are photochromatic as well. Those were a quality upgrade.
I am like Rudycyclist, I recommend Rudy Project. I currently ride with three different pairs..... Rydon, Syluro, and Kalyos. I like my Rudys for several reasons...

1. I have a bigger head... they just fit better.
2. Interchangeable lenses (so do other brands)
3. Outstanding warranty service... they will replace any scratched lenses for a nominal fee to cover shipping and admin's something like $15. Most other manufacturers will charge you an arm and leg to do this.
4. They just look cool!!! Hey, their motto is "Technically Cool Eyewear"
5. They offer photochromic lenses for most of their different glasses.

I love my Syluros...they are lightweight and made of carbon fiber composite. If I were to keep only one pair of glasses, I would keep them!

Good luck finding the glasses you want.


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