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Discussion in '' started by francistorker, Mar 16, 2006.

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    yep look at the threads.. ryan just put up a new vid.. the spring sprung
    or something.. I posted shauns' last night.. none of zack tho


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    Those are the best unicyclists in the U.S. / Canada that we have seen
    footage of. Also check out the koxx one homepage for some awesome

    I would think that the best unicyclist out there is Kris Holm, who is
    not only an excellent rider but also designs some unicycling gear and
    has done a ton to advance the sport.


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    kris holm is indeed the forfather of what we call muni but he is also an
    incredible trials rider and showman. and yeah ryan atkins is the king
    of trials and shaun johanneson and xavier collos are the gods of


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    I think its hard to judge because we have only seen recent footage from
    a couple of the best riders. The rest of the guys in defect haven't
    shown us their new stuff.

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    Tyler Cox is the best unicyclist, hands down.


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    we are all the best because of how hard the sport is to do theres not
    that many world wide that do it compared to bmx so were all better then
    every 1 else cause we only need 1 wheel to rip up the place


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    Thats cool, im in a 'Link'
    ( mood today so check

    'Vener' ( its xavier collos as mentioned above
    (amazing vid)

    'This Flip vid' ( is a great vid from shaun
    johanneson (crankflips galore)

    check out the new vid from the south west riders ('Big Version'
    ( or 'Small' ( its a
    great vid and nicely edited by amanda gallacher here on the forums.

    'Mike' (


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