Best way to remove rust?

Hey, I have an extremely cheap, but very useful idea for you. Do you know what is acid? lol :p I mean that lime juice or lemon which have citric acid in it is very useful to remove rust from the iron materials because it reacts with iron and other iron materials. Try it.;)
Thanks for the trick. I will definately try it out.
My first idea would be oil, no idea that citric acid would work, thanks for the tip.
Aside from citric acid (which is a great method by itself if you know how to do it right) you can use lactic acid as well. Mix it with vaseline oil (in a ratio of 50 grams of acid to 100 ml. of oil). Rust is basically an iron oxide which is transformed by the lactic acid into the salt - iron lactate, which in its turn is dissolved by the vaseline oil. In a couple hours the rust will be done for, you'll just have to clean the remains with a soaked in our solution rag.
I just watched some videos on YouTube and they proved very helpful for me. Thanks for recommending the use of citric acid on the rust.
I don't think that citric acid works. Well, I have tried it many times but it does not work for me. Even if it does, it can't remove the rust entirely. I think that rust can't be removed completely until you use some special acid manufactured specially for rust removal.
Citric acid or acetic acid are a great way to remove rust, particularly if it has formed on parts which can be easily removed and soaked. You can soak a fabric with vinegar and rub the rust texture and leave it as it for a day or two.
I would use citric acid for sure. Take a lemon, cut it, rub the rust, and repeat the process. It takes a bit, but it will definitely help. Also, have you tried CLR? It's never failed me. I have used Coca-Cola before for rust on an old bike before and it helped with some, but left a sticky mess everywhere. It does not work as well as it does on battery corrosion. lol

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