Best Year-round Cycling Cities On The East Coast?


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May 16, 2015
Hi all. New member here. My wife and I are from two different sides of the country. I want her to be closer to her family on Long Island but I won the snow discussion. (whew)
I need to be able to get out year round and hike or ride my bike. I am looking for a city on the east coast that gets little to no snow fall and that has healthy green belts with bike friendly trails.
I was curious to get the opinions of cyclists as web searching for cycle friendly cities tends to produce vague results.
For reference, I think Roseville, CA is the best city for biking that I've ever lived in. The American River Parkway is the best kept secret in Northern California and even Miner's Ravine which is just as good but much shorter.
I am looking for a place that I can find a house for >300k and be within a stone's throw of a good bike ride, and within an hour or two of good wilderness hiking and camping.
Thanks in advance!
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I have never tried bicycling there, but I understand that Atlanta has many good bike trails. I live in central Florida, and know that good bike trails run from St. Augustine through Palatka and on to Lake Butler. There are some good bike trails in Palatka, but we are a small city.

I used to live in Knoxville and rode my bike there a lot, but it does snow some there. It is one of the most beautiful areas of America, and the Great Smokies offers many miles of beautiful trails.
Gotta love biking through Charlotte or Atlanta. Great cities that are not 'too' heavily populated so you can bike without a problem. I would choose Charlotte out of the two but both of them are great!
Looking at this a bit more, I would seriously recommend that you consider the Knoxville area. It is true that there is some snow and ice part of the year, but it is not really that much. Knoxville is in the middle of the Tennessee valley, and at the confluence of several rivers (some boat traffic actually comes from the ocean, via a lot of river). Besides being one of the best garden cities in the world (especially if you like dogwod), it is near the most visited National park in America. Employment (especially in tech areas)is good, and the arts situation is probably the best for a city of its size anywhere in the world. If you enjoy music, Knoxville has over 250 working bands, many world-famous. And it is very bike friendly.

And, if you like skiing, the southernmost ski slopes in America are nearby (they are a bit tame if you like backwoods skiing in the Rockeys, or some slope such as Denali.

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