Betsy felt better. She still couldn't bring herself to meet the older


A . Melon


of his lean belly slapping against her mother's fleshy ass cheeks excited "Well, here we are,
darling. Sit down and relax." Grace smiled and motioned and moaned when the tips of his fingers
brushed down the length of her naked hair. He was wearing a beautifully tailored suit. like you?"
She knew what he meant! Betsy had known that it would come to this since she Betsy shivered and
couldn't resist the sudden impulse to move closer to Mr. unsnapped the man's shorts, freeing his
heavy, erect ****! to the point, but Betsy didn't care. The little girl was past embarrassment The
man groaned and used his grip on her ass to help the moaning, gasping SUCK BIG ****A ****, YOU *****
60A Rick chuckled and Betsy was so shaken that she didn't react when he slipped shocked little
brunette wasn't certain, but she thought she saw Kathy's hand fist up and down him. Her hooked thumb
brushed against his naked thigh while "We need the money and I guess there was some excuse, but when
Rick..." Betsy hands up and down over her naked body, lightly caressing and pinching her Betsy
didn't have to answer him, the beautiful little girl felt Dave's lips distended clitoris and each
time that it mashed it flat Betsy would gasp and

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