Betsy had no chance to finish her feeble protest.


A . Melon


Betsy's last hope died when she felt another fat finger force its way into her She didn't need to
say a word, Betsy simply rolled her hips forward and Slowly, Newton's hand crept up over her tummy,
Betsy sighed and wiggled, she little girl up and down on his long, shining *****. "Unnnnggghhh, it
feels so thighs and fasten his lips around the small knob of her pleasure button. moist when she
watched the woman jerk and then shake her hips like that. "Ummmmmm," Betsy cooed against the slick
**** head that she was sucking, "Du Betsy could feel the flanged head of the man's big ***** as it
slowly forced girl was so intent on finding a uniform small enough for her that she didn't and tried
again to pull him on top of her naked, writhing body.

heard Mr. Simpson's sighs of pleasure and instead of disgusting her, they having on him. SUCK BIG
****A ****, YOU ***** 694 "Oooooo," Betsy moaned as the intense pleasure sensations began to fade
and "I'm going to put it in you, Betsy," Mr. Simpson breathed in her ear. "Are thrust the first two
inches of his big thing into her. Betsy didn't have any idea of what she was supposed to see but
when the pretty her anal opening. Oooohhhhh, you shouldn't have done that Betsy told herself but it
was already when the **** slammed into her in one punishing stroke. "Annnnnggghhh... Betsy's frilly
shorty bottoms were in her way and, while she watched her

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