Better late than never - TO Bike Show - Pix

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Carla A-G

I finally got my lazy ass around to posting pics of the 2003 Toronto Bicycle Show that happened
earlier this here we go (excuse the graininess of some of them, the camera has a shitty
flash when used indoors).

We started off by strolling through the manufacturer's booths, many of the major companies
were missing:

We got intimate with the new Shimano XTR stuff:

We watched some of the dirt jumping contest:

We watched some of the street/vert bmx competition:

And some of the flatland bmx competition:

We caught the Norco Factory Team trials show, starring Ryan Leech, Kris Holm and Robin Coupe:

Ryan Leech gives everyone a high-five:

Ryan's bike retires for the session:

Kris Holm posing for the camera:

After the show, we chatted a bit with Ryan Leech and Kris Holm. They gave us some advice and we
talked about the sport and the industry. I'll be posting more pics of us hanging out with them and
more pics of their bikes and unicycles.

- CA-G

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