Better Sources of Calcium

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  1. From: "Robert Cohen" <[email protected]>
    Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 12:33 pm
    Subject: An Orange A Day Keeps The Osteopath Away

    An Orange A Day Keeps The Osteopath Away

    Human breast milk is undoubtedly nature's perfect food
    for an infant. A 100-gram portion of human breast milk
    contains 33 milligrams of calcium. Please keep the number
    "33" in mind while reading this column.

    The same 100-gram portion of Florida oranges contains
    43 milligrams of calcium, thirty percent more bone
    building calcium than human breast milk! Everybody
    should enjoy a daily orange.

    Enjoy a handful of dried apricots (67 mg of calcium)
    or a snack of raisins (62 mg) or become a pistachio
    nut (161 mg) addict like I am.

    In my kitchen, parsley (203 mg) is used more than just
    to garnish dinners. Parsley is minced into salads,
    cole slaw, soups, and stocks. Speaking of cole slaw...
    raw cabbage (49 mg) contains more calcium than human
    breast milk too. I add shredded carrots (37 mg) to my
    cole slaw recipe.

    Tonight, I'll be cooking a pasta/bean soup with chopped
    escarole (81 mg). The white beans contain 135 mg of calcium
    per 100 gram portion, more than four times the amount of
    calcium contained in a portion of human breast milk.

    My favorite of all soups is cream of watercress, made with
    freshly made unsweetened soy milk. The watercress contains
    151 milligrams of calcium. Soymilk contains more "absorbable"
    calcium than even cow's milk. See:

    < >

    My favorite calcium-rich food is hummus, made with
    chickpeas (150 mg) and tahini, or ground sesame seeds
    (1160 mg).

    Don't be fooled by dairy industry marketing. Milk
    producers pretend to own the monopoly on calcium.
    It is clear that they do not.

    Robert Cohen